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Tactical Services

Focus Workshop

Highly Interactive exercise where the various teams align their objectives and execution

It is quite often to see organizations launching new activities without a proper coordination across the various entities. This problem is even more acute when the different entities have different reporting lines and priorities. In this context, managing such a launch can be as easy as hoarding cats. In this case it is quite urgent to align the various teams along a single set of agreed common goals and priorities.

Sales Business Review Help Desk

Hands on practical tips for better sales execution and Improve Win Rate

Looking at Territory planning, Account Planning, Opportunity Management, Channel Strategies, Sales Coverage models, Target Assurance Planning, Close Plan, Competitive Battle Cards, Discovery and Solution Maps and more..

Crisis Management Drills

Get ready for the unforeseeable

To properly run a Crisis Management Drill, companies need to call on domain experts of different areas in the organization. As  these people do not work together on a daily basis, they don’t have the appropriate reactiveness and reflex of a well-oiled team when a crisis occurs

This service was co-designed with filrouge to exactly respond to these challenges and to take an organization through all the necessary operational steps and corrective measures.


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