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Product Management

As a Service

Articulating a Product Strategy starting from a unsatisfied need till unique Value Prop.

Successful product managers focus on building the right product rather than building the product right.  The key is to focus on adding end user value to a product, not getting caught up in development processes that don’t support this goal. Always concentrate on the making the product successful.

Business Development As a Service

The successful Business Developer thinks like a Marketeer but acts like a Salesman

Building a professional Business Development team in house can be a tough challenge. It requires multi- disciplinary capabilities across Innovation, Analytics and Customer understanding functions which are quite hard to find in today’s competitive job market especially for smaller companies with limited financial resources. This service is often outsourced to professionals

Sales Excellence Framework

Understand how the Corporate Goals drive the new Sales activities requirements

Every Corporate Strategy has a direct impact on how the sales activities must be carried out in order to achieve the goals and objectives set by its Leadership Teams. The Sales Strategy is quite distinct from all the others as it is the only one that is driving the Revenue line. The others only impact the Bottom line. It is therefore cardinal to properly shape it and articulate its execution.


As soon as the company embarks on a change of corporate strategy such Digitalizing certain areas of the business or a change it Go to Market model, it is important to realign the sales activities around this new strategy and address the following activities:

  1. Promote Change

  2. Mobilize People

  3. Achieve Results

  4. Improve Governance

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